Who Has the Newest Slot Machines Online?

Let’s face it — video slots are most certainly the most popular casino game. In the past century, no other type of entertainment has dominated the Las Vegas casino floors quite as much. Considering that, it’s no wonder that classic slots have made an appearance on top online casinos as well. The advent of the online gambling industry has made slots a more diverse gaming experience than ever.

Now, for those who want to play online in real money casinos, there are more options on slots than ever before from many different game providers. That is why we’ve decided to give you a rundown on who has the newest slot machines online! So regardless of whether you want free gaming or you’re looking to hit winning combinations for money, read on!

Cayetano Gaming

Providers Cayetano Gaming

One of the newer players on this market, Cayetano Gaming is a software provider from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city. This company produces online slot machines that aren’t particularly unique in their design, and they haven’t made a substantial hit yet. But they’re someone to pay attention to in the future. Their collection of slots is comparatively small when you take a look at some more prominent names. But still, they made some fun slots, especially for players who like engaging in games with neat rendering. Though, you should know this — their library does not include games with progressive jackpots.

Felix Gaming

Provider Felix Gaming

Our next pick of the draft is another new game provider. Felix Gaming has only recently made its foray into the world of online slots. This company is based in the UK, and they’ve made their first online slot in 2017. However, what’s interesting about this particular provider is their experience with land-based casinos. While they haven’t made any online slots until only two years ago, they’ve got substantial expertise in brick-and-mortar real money casinos.

Consequently, they don’t have an extensive online slots library to boast with, at least not compared to other providers. However, they specialize in five-reel slots, so fans of those will find plenty of new releases from them in the future.

RealTime Gaming

Provider RealTime Gaming

Let’s break up this streak of newcomers and take a look at one of the most established names in the industry. Dating back to 1998, RealTime Gaming represents one of the pioneers of online slots gaming. As they’ve spent the past two decades accumulating experience in this field, they have one of the most diverse offerings of online slots.

Although they’ve got a library of casino games that include video poker and classic table games, slots are their forte. They continually churn out new releases, and they’re pretty recognizable as well. You’ll find that their games feature graphics with realistic renderings, as well a lot of attractive bonuses.

Foxium Gaming

Provider Foxium Gaming

Foxium Gaming is another small company that’s new but packs a big punch. They opened their doors in 2015, and their offices are in Estonia. Also, they’ve got a running partnership with Microgaming. As a consequence, this developer’s games are available on the Quickfire platform run by Microgaming. Because of this, their primary focus is on game development. And their dedication to the niche of online slots shows that.

Their games stand apart because of intriguing storytelling elements that are more prominent in their releases compared to other developers. Also, you’ll find that their releases are available both on mobile platforms and desktops, which allows for seamless gameplay. The fact that you can play for free or for real money in your browser is a boon, as you don’t have to download any additional software for their games.


Provider Gamomat

This Berlin-based gaming firm is another company that started as a land-based casino provider. However, five years ago, they’ve expanded their line of work into the realm of online casinos. Since then, their business has been booming, as they’ve opened a few offices across different locations in the world.

In the online gaming universe, they’re best known for 5-reel slots, with wildly varying themes. From Ancient Egypt to High Fantasy, they seem to be adept at consistently providing their playerbase with new and exciting releases. Additionally, their games always have well-designed wild symbols, as well as offer opportunities to win attractive bonuses. If you want to play slots for real money, Gamomat offers a mainstream but quality experience.

Just for the Win

Provider Just for the Win

Another recently founded company, Just For The Win is one of those firms that have a corporate history that’s as interesting as their product. Its founder, Tiger Holmgren, was a blackjack dealer for more than a decade. His professional background, coupled with his passion for gaming, made him a natural at casino game design.

But what kind of slots does this Swedish company offer? Their design philosophy is an attempt to bridge the gap between unique and mainstream. So while their games offer quirky animations and sound effects that leave a lasting impression, they still employ themes that will appeal to any player. Plus, their releases are compatible with both mobile platforms and computers.

Relax Gaming

Provider Relax Gaming

As we’ve already mentioned, a company doesn’t have to be completely new to be innovative and fresh with its online slot releases. And Relax Gaming is living proof of that! They’re one of the biggest names among casino game providers in Europe, with offices all over the continent. With employees everywhere from Serbia to Barcelona, they’ve got a serious operation that is capable of continually putting out new releases.

Their games have graphics of exceptionally high quality, as you’d expect from a company that operates at this level. But putting the visuals aside for a moment, know that there are some top jackpot slots among their releases too. So if you want to spin the reels for a big win, this is a provider to consider!


Provider Spinomenal

If you’re a fan of bad puns and great slots, Spinomenal is a company that you’ll learn to love soon enough. They were founded in 2014, with one simple but ambitious goal: continuous production of slots with quality graphics and massive appeal. And looking at their stream of releases, one can only conclude that they’ve achieved this, and then some.

First of all, their games do feature extremely appealing visuals, as well as the potential for the building of a massive playerbase. That’s because their releases are available on different social media platforms and popular online gambling venues. Some estimates show that their games have over 2.5 million players worldwide! This kind of broad appeal is understandable, considering their engaging animations and great soundtracks.

You Have Plenty of Options

As you might surmise, today’s world of online slots is more diverse than ever before. New software providers are constantly popping up, and that means only good things for players, as the competition to create the most interesting slots is intensifying. So if you’re searching for the most modern and interesting online slots — the world is your oyster!

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