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Aside from poker and Roulette, casino slots are synonymous with gambling. People have been pulling the lever and/or hitting the spin button since the finishing years of the 19th century. Since the first players appeared, there have been people trying to come up with strategies for beating slots. The thing is, though, slots are a game of chance. As such, the only thing you can really rely on is your luck. Before the Internet, you could maybe count on casino slots having their hardware damaged in such a way that you can spot a bias.

With the advancement of technology, online slots don’t provide you with that opportunity. Online slots operate with a Random Number Generator, which makes sure all outcomes are unpredictable. What you can do is to be wise in choosing the right game. From three to five reels, from 5 to hundreds of pay lines — the game you pick can vastly determine how lucky you will be.

Yes, the outcomes are random and you can only bet on your luck. But, if you go about it in a smart way, you can make your own luck. Here, you’ll find articles which explain the differences between different machines, what games there are, and how to approach them.